The Hope of Spring

When the celebrated poet Alexander Pope wrote the words “hope springs eternal” as part of his Essay on Man, he wasn’t talking about the month of spring of course, but I think there’s a little serendipity in the phrase, at least in the sense that we often associate the month of spring with hope. TheContinue reading “The Hope of Spring”

Struggling to make a positive start to 2023?

It could be that the month of January itself brings back some difficult memories, or that you find the prospect of dealing with the new year a little too overwhelming.

Take note of your memories

During a counselling session, it may be that you want to talk about some aspects of your past, if they’re relevant to what’s on your mind. The past isn’t just about those big moments in history, but our own lives as well. It’s often said that we should cherish our precious memories, but what doesContinue reading “Take note of your memories”

The Healing Power of Nature

Healthy body, healthy mind may sound like a cliché but there’s certainly a lot of truth in it. Whether you’ve got a specific problem that you need to chew over, want to prioritise your daily to-do list, or just need a little me-time for some good-old contemplation, taking a walk in natural surroundings is greatContinue reading “The Healing Power of Nature”