Struggling to make a positive start to 2023?

I talked in my last blog about how Christmas can be a difficult time if you’re bereaved, but if the message for that period is all about spending time with family, eating drinking and generally making merry, the message for the New Year is quite often something along the lines of making a new start. And if you’re struggling to come to terms with a loss, whatever that might be, January can be a very difficult month too.

How many of us have made New year’s resolutions that we haven’t kept, for example? Our losses, whether they be that of a relative or other loved one, our job or our independence, are not something that we can confront right away. That’s why I offer counselling in Chorley and also Bamber Bridge; talking therapy that gives you a non-judgemental therapeutic space to talk through whatever is troubling you. I’m also available for remote sessions online, because I know that walk and talk counselling in Chorley isn’t possible for everyone, especially taking the winter weather into account!

You may feel right now that all the talk among your friends, on TV and across social media is about optimism and making that ‘brand new start’. Things may feel very different for you though. It could be that the month of January itself brings back some difficult memories, or that you find the prospect of dealing with the new year a little too overwhelming.

Whatever is troubling you, I’m here to listen. You can email me at or call on 07941 262711 to find out more about counselling in Chorley. Just like those New Year’s resolutions, the best time to start is right now, so get in contact today.


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