Spending Valentine’s Day alone

February is traditionally a difficult month for a lot of us. Winter has yet to let go, Spring with all its hopefulness, still seems ages away and the relentless push for Valentine’s Day is upon us again.

Whether you celebrate this with your spouse or partner or not, it’s hard to ignore the commercial pressure of the day on TV, in newspapers across social media and everywhere. If you’re grieving the loss of your partner, Valentine’s Day can be an especially painful reminder. It may be that you did absolutely nothing for the day, happily shunning it and spending quality time together making memories the way you always did. Or maybe you sent each other a card every year, just as a reminder of how much you cared? Perhaps you marked the occasion with a celebratory meal or a walk among nature in your favourite place?

The first year after we lose someone is always marked by those ‘firsts’; the painful milestones such as the first birthday since… first Christmas… wedding anniversary … and no matter what your opinions on it, Valentine’s Day is another one. Even if it’s been several years since you said goodbye to your partner, each year that goes by can bring up those reminders once more. Or maybe it’s just that you live on your own and Valentine’s Day is a time of year that always seems to bring up feelings of loneliness for you?

That’s why I offer counselling in Chorley and Bamber Bridge, so you can talk about your loss, bereavement or feelings of loneliness in a non-judgemental, therapeutic space. The hour that we spend together is your time to use as you want, and talk about whatever is on your mind. Perhaps you’re reluctant to talk about your issues with your friends because they have their own problems, or you’re worried that the rest of the family seem like they have ‘moved on’? The walk and talk therapy in Chorley that I offer combines a non-judgemental presence with the healing power of nature, and it’s about you talking through your problems without fear of judgement.

So, contact me today to find out more about counselling in Chorley. Whether you want to meet inside in a confidential space or outside in nature, I’m here to listen.


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