The Hope of Spring

When the celebrated poet Alexander Pope wrote the words “hope springs eternal” as part of his Essay on Man, he wasn’t talking about the month of spring of course, but I think there’s a little serendipity in the phrase, at least in the sense that we often associate the month of spring with hope.

The change from winter to spring is always associated with growth, rebirth and new life. The early bulbs have been brightening gardens up for a couple of weeks and I’ve already seen daffodils in one of the places that I offer walk and talk counselling in Chorley. There’s daylight when I wake up now, as well as the promise of longer days, and indeed warmer ones, which means more sunlight. Sunlight is good for us. It improves our sleep patterns, can reduce stress and feelings of depression and give a boost to our immune system too.

Of course, this doesn’t mean our issues vanish along with the cold mornings and dark nights. Whether we’re grieving, have feelings of anxiety or depression, or are supporting a relative with a long-term illness or health condition, our problems are always with us, whatever the time of year.

Just getting out of the house, spending a little time in a new location surrounded by nature can give us a new perspective on our issues, and maybe even take our mind off them for a while. Combining the healing power of nature with person-centred counselling in Chorley is perfect if you do want to talk about your problems, however. For the duration of each session I offer, I’m a non-judgemental and confidential ear, someone with whom you can share your problems without ever having to worry about ‘putting on’ your friends and family. I can’t promise to help with the melatonin, but I’d like to think I can contribute to the other things!

Another advantage of having longer days means that I’m able to start offering early evening walk and talk counselling in Chorley and Cuerden Valley Park. So, if you’d like to arrange a free, no obligation introductory call to find out more, just give me a call on 07941 262711 or email me


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