Being Aware of Anxiety

Anxiety is the theme of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2023, so I thought that it was a good opportunity to talk about it a little in this post. Anxiety is one of the many emotions we feel, and it’s a common one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it or reach out for a little help in dealing with it.

There’s so many things in our daily lives that can cause #anxiety, from looking for work and pressures at work, to relationships and dealing with a sudden change of circumstances. Even though you may feel that anxiety is a ‘normal’ emotion, that doesn’t mean that it is one that you should ever dismiss.

By addressing your anxieties, you’re acknowledging that something is troubling you. And if something is troubling you, it’s always good to talk about it. However, you may feel reluctant to share your problems with friends or family because they have their own problems, and most likely, their own anxieties.

That’s where counsellors like myself come in. My walk and talk counselling in Chorley combines a non-judgemental therapeutic presence with the healing power of nature. Sometimes, the thought of being in an enclosed space to talk about problems can be a cause of anxiety in itself, and just the simple fact being outside, in the fresh air and surrounded by nature can help.

So, if you want to talk about your anxieties, please call or email me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. I offer counselling in Chorley and Bamber Bridge, but if you don’t live locally, I’m also available online via video call from a confidential space within my home.

Remember, acknowledging your #anxiety is the first step.


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